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ITTO Ceramics as a famous brand of GUANGDONG HOMEHAI CERAMICS INDUSTRY CO., LTD., is a large-scale enterprise under modern management specialized in producing and selling high-class construction ceramic and porcelain tiles. ITTO has a strong technical team and most advanced equipment introduced from Italy and Spain. All the standard of ITTO products are superior to the national standard. ITTO owned ISO9001 & ISO14001 & CE certificates. ITTO products are accorded with the national standard of radiation: GB6566-2001(A).

ITTO is specialized in producing polished porcelain tile. With advanced equipment and professional technology, ITTO produce many excellent products with stable quality, which make our company enjoy a leading position in this field. To seek a natural stone vein, we use high technology to imitate the natural stone. ITTO has developed IT stone, double loading with crystal, 2G double loading, magic double loading, travertine stone, shaanna stone, sand stone and super white…total more than 20series with more than hundred items already, and size 60x60cm, 80x80cm, 100x100cm, 60x120cm and 120x120cm. Most of them are most popular designs in global market, and ITTO is leading the trend of global construction materials market. With many advantages, such as totally vitrified, low water absorption, super glossy, dirty resistance, natural stone veins, ITTO polished porcelain tiles are the ideal choice of house decoration and big project.

With the trend of stone design, wood design, wallpaper design, ITTO glazed ceramic tiles show us a perfect combination with modern ceramic technology and natural art. With engraving laser technology and advanced roller printing technology, and with high class imported glaze, all the tiles are bright and smooth, the vein are natural and exquisite, all the designs are nearly natural veins. With the straight edges, with same rectified size, the whole ground looks like one piece of tile. And ITTO can provide many sizes, like 300mmx450mm, 300mmx600mm, 330mmx600mm, 330mmx900mm, 450mmx900mm, with matched floor 300mmx300mm, 330mmx330mm, 450mmx450mm.

With the core of high quality, ITTO pursues the science and technology, creative products, elegant lifestyle, sincere service, ITTO will try our best to create a new high-tech and innovative brand.